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Get the Help You Need with the New Healthcare Laws - Or Explore Your Life Insurance Options.

The Fred Haight Insurance Agency has developed a working relationship with Phil and Lee Owens of Owens Financial and Patty Siegel of Advanced Health Sales and Consulting.


Phil, Lee, and Patty are prepared to offer expert advice on the purchase of health insurance, life insurance, Medicare supplement, long-term care, and other related products.


Please call our office and we will make arrangements for one of our representatives to contact you.


You may link directly with Patty Siegel at Patty is certified in the Affordable Care Act as well as many other areas related to the health industry.


Get in Touch With
Patty Siegel

Patty Siegel, Michigan Insurance Agent

​Life Insurance Policies for Michigan Residents

Life insurance helps you plan ahead so your family can be taken care of in the event of your death by creating a financial safety net. We want to be sure you have the best life insurance for your situation.

With life insurance, you can:

  • Replace income for dependents in case the unexpected happens.

  • Help pay for your final expenses such as funeral and burial costs, probate and other estate administration costs, and debts and medical expenses not covered by health insurance.

  • Create an inheritance for your heirs.

Who needs life insurance?

  • For those parents who desire the utmost safety and care for their children.

  • Individuals burdened with debt who wish to shield their loved ones from financial stress.

  • Homeowners seeking to ensure their family's capacity to settle the mortgage.

  • Businesspersons eager to secure their enterprise's future.

  • Those aspiring to leave a lasting legacy for their children and grandchildren.

Personal and Group Health Insurance


With health care costs on the rise, we are working hard to provide you with the richest coverage at the lowest premium possible. We represent carriers who will provide insurance for healthy individuals as well as those with life-threatening diseases. Without health insurance, you could lose your savings, house, and business just by one prolonged illness.


Owens offers Life Insurance, Short & Long Term Disability, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, and Long Term Care.

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Group Health Insurance Covering the Whole Family


Employees are losing health benefits as companies are looking for ways to cut costs. Before you consider cutting your employees' health care costs, let us provide you with a quote from the many carriers we represent. Our carriers provide wonderful benefits at lower premiums. These carriers also offer Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) which provide an excellent tax advantage to both the employer and the employee.

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