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Rain or Shine, You Need Insurance Coverage for Your Michigan Farm Against Crop Damage, Equipment Damage, and Building Loss.

The first insurance plans ever were farmer's insurance policies. The reason is because of the amount of risk you take on as a farmer is huge, and one bad year, bad storm, or accident can wipe out your entire bank account. With millions of dollars invested in your farm, it makes sense to protect such a large investment.

Protect Your Farm the Right Way

  • Tractor, Combine, and Other Equipment Coverage

  • Home and Building Protection

  • Livestock Coverage

  • Liability Coverage

Insured Michigan Farm

Ensure Your Farm's Future

Your farm has been in your family for generations and, when the time comes, you have big plans to pass it on to your son. Make sure that day comes with comprehensive farm insurance.


With our competitive rates and unmatched customer service, you can rest easy knowing that you will be treated like a member of our family.

Not sure how much coverage you need? Speak to an insurance expert.

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