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You Love to Get Out and Make the Most of Life - Let Us Help You Protect Yourself In All of Life's Adventures.

Insurance for your recreational vehicles, including motorcycles, can be every bit as strong as your auto insurance. With our dedication to helping you live the life you want, you will work with one of our agents to find just the right coverage for your motorcycle, RV, four-wheeler, or boat, so you can enjoy life safely.

Exceptional Special Vehicle Insurance Coverage in Michigan

  • Motorcycle, ATV, boat, campers, trailers, and RV coverage

  • Seasonal and year-round plans are available

  • Competitive monthly rates

  • Bundle with auto insurance to save money

  • Bodily injury, property damage, and medical coverage

  • Uniquely designed for your lifestyle

Dirt Bike Covered By Our Dirt Bike Insurance

Protect Yourself in Every Adventure

Discover how affordable coverage can be for your recreational vehicles. Even if the law does not require coverage, it is still a good idea to protect you against the unpredictable.


Committed to making the community a safer place to live, you will enjoy working with us to find the right balance of price and coverage. Interested in our Michigan motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, boat insurance, camper insurance, and other special vehicle insurance options? Call to learn more!

Not sure what kind of coverage you need? Speak to an insurance expert.

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